Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Disaster Dinner!

Not every meat free meal turns out good.  Today I made Vegan stroganoff.  It was HORRIBLE!  It looked awful and tasted just as bad!  I will continue to try the meatless meat but so far my favorite recipes involve beans and veggies.  I'm trying to get my son to like some of my meat free dishes...this one set me back with him.  I will not post it since it was not something I will make again.  I'm getting adjusted to using products that I haven't been familiar with in the past....vegan sour cream and cream cheese, vegan cheese (I like veggie shreds...they are great and they melt), and meatless meats.  It's definitely a learning process.


  1. You're doing great blogging and the pictures look delicious! I'll be trying them out soon and will be happy if they taste as good as they look!

    1. Thanks Martha! I'm only posting the ones I love and most are so easy. The salads make a ton so they last me all week!