Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My struggles with my new life style

I will admit...it is a struggle as I learn to eat plant strong.  I have to prepare more and cannot just throw something together.  However, with a little planning on Sunday night, I find it isn't that complicated.  I make a menu and hit Trader Joe's, Sprouts, and Fry's on Monday.  Then, I try to make one or two salads that can keep in the fridge all week (California Quinoa Salad is a good one).  The key to this cooking is planning ahead!  I try to pre cut the veggies or cook the tofu ahead of time.  That way at dinner, I'm not overwhelmed.  This way of life has a learning curve but don't let that frustrate you...it is worth it!

I still struggle with eating out.  People look at me oddly when I say I don't eat meat or dairy.  However, most places will try to work with you.  I hate feeling like a "pain", so I tend to frequent my plant friendly restaurants.  All in all, I choose to eat in mostly.  It is more economical, better quality food, and portion control is not out of hand.  Plus, I'm showing my kids how good healthy cooking can taste!  How many children have eaten quinoa or bok choy?  I even had my 16 year old daughters do my Trader Joe's shopping for me.  They texted me a million times asking what heirloom tomatoes were and where to find the raw nuts.  But, they learned and are becoming better eaters for it.  My goal is to send them off to college and not have them rely on pizza alone!

I challenge you to at least pick one or two dinners a week where meat is not the focus.  With a little planning, your family will not miss the meat.  It was music to my ears the other day when my teenage daughter asked me if we could have the Teriyaki Chick pea dinner! That was her request! :)

Happy eating!  Cathy


  1. I appreciate this post because it really is a struggle, especially on a busy, worn-out kind of day, to make a healthy dinner. We probably eat burritos and spaghetti with marinara way more than the average family! But it's worth it! Thank you for posting your recipes. I need the inspiration!

    1. Glad the recipes are helping Sarah! One of our favorites is the Teriyaki chick pea one that I got from you! :)